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Words of Wisdom from Wendell Berry

horses and poetry

I keep this poem by Wendell Berry on our office wall. When the complexities of our world feel overwhelming, I read this poem, and it reminds me to slow down, appreciate the beautiful place I live in, and the amazing animals I am surrounded by. Perhaps more than ever, I have found myself needing time…

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Our 2021 Horse Riding Holiday Dates

horse riding East Kimberley

After much ado, we have put together our dates for next season! There’s been much discussion about the here and now, and about the future. The outcome is that we have decided to focus on station based horse riding holidays next season. We live in such an incredible location with varied landscape in all directions.…

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Insurance Crisis for Adventure Tourism Operators

horse riding Kimberleys

Adventure tourism operators are at a crossroads with the insurance industry, with insurance companies refusing to insure for adventure activities (horse riding included). Many businesses have already been forced to close due to this crisis. We are working on options, and have a definite plan B in place which should still allow us to operate…

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Closed for the 2020 Season

horse riding holidays

After much deliberation, we have made the decision to remain closed for the rest of the 2020 Season. As much as we would have liked to be able to welcome you out to Digger’s this year, we have run the numbers and have found it simply wouldn’t be financially viable to open over such a…

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Our 2020 Season so far…

horse riding holidays, the Kimberley, Western Australia

It has been an interesting year so far, and it will continue to be so for a while yet! We have been going about our daily lives, working horses, repairing fences, getting ready for our annual cattle muster, all of the usual activities, but with very few people around. It is a strange time indeed!…

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Postponing Opening For This Season

horse riding holidays

We have decided to remain closed indefinitely. We will open again as soon as travel is being encouraged by the health authorities. We do not want to contribute in any way to the spread of COVID-19. In the meantime, everyone please stay safe and abide by the restrictions being put in to place to protect…

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Spread Your Wings In The Kimberley This Winter

Kimberley landscapes

On The Verandah, Kimberley creative adventures run by Rachel Dillon and Andrew Kikeros, is offering an untutored Artist Retreat here at Digger’s Rest Station! This untutored retreat for artists, writers, photographers, birders, and any creative soul, runs July 23 to July 29, 2020.  The retreat features hand-picked experiences, tourist-free locations and uninterrupted time to spend…

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Get Fit For Your Horse Riding Holiday

horse riding holiday

Are you planning to join one of our horse riding holidays this season? If so, make the most of your holiday, and arrive fit and ready for several hours in the saddle! Being physically fit and saddle fit will give you a more enjoyable time in the saddle, and out of it. There’s nothing worse…

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A Reading List for the Kimberley Bound

If you are thinking of heading to the Kimberley, you may be interested in checking out some of these books. The list includes travel writing, regional history, biographies, and one fiction. We’ve added a few to our list of our favourites: The Boab Tree by Pat Lowe, a beautiful book about the science, history and…

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Wet Season Update

wet season at DiggersRest Station

The rains have been a long time coming this season, but they have finally arrived with ex-cyclone Esther! We have received seven inches over the last few days, making our total 21 inches for the Wet so far. Our long term average is about 34 inches so we are hoping there is still more to…

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