About Diggers Rest Station

Diggers Rest Station is a cattle station operating  in the iconic East Kimberley region of Australia’s North West. We offer horse riding holidays, station stay accommodation and camping.

About The Station

Diggers Rest Station is a cattle station nestled on the banks of the tidal King River in the East Kimberley. The majestic Cockburn Ranges to the West and the Erskine Ranges to the East provide a stunning backdrop to the station, and Diggers Rest Station was one of the locations used in the filming of Baz Luhrmann’s Australia.
The drive is 46 kilometres from the historic town of Wyndham along the picturesque King River Road.
The atmosphere is relaxed and ageless, with the rare opportunity to step back in time and become part of the ancient landscape and traditions.
From horse riding, self-guided fishing, bush walking to bird watching, there’s plenty to do – or you can do very little. You’ll soon feel at home here, whether you’re after an incredible adventure or just wanting to take it all in from the verandah.

Annual Stock Muster at Diggers Rest
Annual Stock Muster at Diggers Rest

About Roderick & Alida Woodland

Roderick Woodland has lived in The Kimberley all his life, as did his father. His grandfather, Tom Woodland, came to the Kimberley to work for the Duracks, and later managed Newry Station, Ord River Station and then Moolabulla Station for many years.

In the 1970s Digger’s Rest Station was abandoned land. There had been a few early attempts to run cattle on the land, beginning in the 1920s. In the early 1970s Roderick started working it, making improvements, and was granted a lease in 1976. He named the property Digger’s Rest Station in reference to local history. World War I return soldiers (also known as diggers) operated the nearby pumping station that supplied fresh water to the town of Wyndham. The old Digger’s Rest pumping station is located just 4 kilometres away on a large watehole of the King River.

The horse trekking and trail rides originally known as ‘Kimberley Pursuits’ began in 1986. They came about from Roderick’s desire to preserve the experience and history of the stockmen, the cattle musters and the pioneering years of the Kimberley region. Cattle continue to be an important aspect of life on Digger’s Rest Station, the annual muster taking place every June and July. Since 1996 the pursuit has continued with Alida, and together they have built a solid reputation that brings guests back again and again.

horse riding holidays
Anzac, Roderick, Alida and Nyarlie

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