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Diggers Rest Royalty

This is our beloved Cat, which is short for Caterpillar because he would bulldoze his way through the thickest of scrub, and plow through creek crossings, always leading the way for the rest of the mob. Cat is now enjoying his twilight years in the home paddock, with daily nosebags and access to hay. Back…

horse riding holidays

Considering the Kimberley in 2022?

The signs are all there that the Kimberley will be hopping next season, so if it’s been on your list, you may want to start planning now. If you are an adventurous soul who loves remote places with spectacular landscapes, while still appreciating a good feed, a shower at the end of the day, and…


Waiting on the Rain

This is the time of year when we look for  nimbus clouds in the sky! The last time rain fell at Diggers was on March 23, and there have been many 40 and up degree days in between then and now. Our thoughts are constantly on managing water, and keeping animals and gardens alive. We…

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Regeneration Project 2021

This video, created by Jacob Butler, aka Shakey, is a fantastic snippet of some of the regeneration work we have had happening out here at Diggers, and on our sublease of El Questro during this dry season just gone. Our regeneration project was made possible by a Natural Resources Management grant. We still have a…

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Another Dry Season Gone

Yet another dry season has come and gone, and this one was just about as extraordinary as the last! Since life is unpredictable, I suppose we should be used to our mercurial borders by now… The season started off with a bang, and finished with a whisper. In May, we were busy with the Station…

station based holidays

Just Some Of Our Amazing Mob

Diggers Rest seems to attract interesting characters, and this year we’ve had some of the best of the best! Our new found friend Jean added so much to our lives this year.  She is truly a multi-skilled woman. Jean took on the cooking with gusto (first time ever that we’ve had a full time cook…

horse riding holidays

2022 Station Based Horse Riding Holidays!

We’ve just finished putting together our 2022 dates for the weeks of Station Based Horse Riding Holidays! There’s lots of interest out there, so if you have a date in mind, let us know and we can save a saddle for you. Check out our 2022 dates and itinerary here. We hope you can join…

horse riding holidays

What n All at Diggers Rest Station

We are having a busy start to the season! It’s the year to explore your own backyard, and folks are certainly doing so:) The weather has cooled off so that nights are comfortable, and mossies are few. Our bush camp sites are in demand and homestead camping is on offer as well. If you are…

horse riding holidays

Photos from our first week of Station Based Horse Riding Holidays

We recently had a fantastic week of station based horse riding! From meandering along the King River to cantering across the salt flats, there’s no better way to experience the magic of the Kimberley. Here are just a few photos from the week. A great time was had by all! Spread the wordemailFacebookPinterestTumblrTwitter