Things To Do from Diggers Rest Station

Diggers Rest Station is a great place to settle back and relax, breathe clean air and get some peace and quiet. There are a lot of things to do and see in our neck of the woods, and a stay at Digger’s Rest Station provides the perfect base to do some exploring.

Five Rivers Lookout

From the Five Rivers Lookout above Wyndham you have one of the most extraordinary views of the Kimberley – and the Australian coastline for that matter – you will ever see. The vast expanse of the flood plains is dramatic.

The five rivers you can see are:

  • Durack River
  • King River
  • Pentecost River
  • Forest River
  • Ord River
View from Five Rivers Lookout on the Bastion in Wyndham, WA
View from Five Rivers Lookout on the Bastion in Wyndham, WA

Wyndham History Museum

Wyndham has a fascinating history that encompasses much of the story of the Kimberley Region and northern Australia. You’ll find it in the old Courthouse, in the port area.
It is open April through to October each year.

Pioneers' Cemetery

The Kimberley has a harsh climate, and all the more so when hard physical labour is involved.
The Pioneer Cemetery (or The Bend Cemetery) was established in 1866. Twelve men perished during the construction of the Wyndham Meatworks, and are remembered here.

Afghan Cemetery

No story of the opening up of Northern Australia is complete without recognition of the role of Afghan camel drivers and their camels. Camel teams (usually with around 70 camels and around 4 drivers) could travel up to 25 miles a day in the arid Australian outback. A single bull camel could carry up to 600kg.
The Afghan Cemetery has gravestones that face Mecca.

Warriu Dreamtime Park

Bronze sculptures show an Aboriginal family and their animals.

Prison Tree

On the King River Road (on the way to Digger’s Rest Station) you will find an old Boab tree that has been hollowed out.
It used to serve a purpose for the local police, who used it as a temporary lock up.
Boab trees are native to the Kimberley region. They can grow up to 14 metres high. However it is the fact they can have a diameter up to 5 metres that  makes them distinctive.
A 750 year old Boab tree with a 2.5m diameter has recently been transplanted 3,200 km from the Kimberley to Kings Park in Perth, to save it from roadworks.

Prison Tree, King River Road via Wyndham
Prison Tree, King River Road via Wyndham

Marlgu Billabong

The Marlgu Billabong is a special place to visit. Green, cool and refreshing in the Kimberley heat, and with beautiful views of the sandstone ranges in the distance.

Marlgu Billabong Wyndham. Photo Credit: Erica Hutchinson
Marlgu Billabong Wyndham. Photo Credit: Erica Hutchinson

For more information on Wyndham and surrounds, please visit Australia’s Northwest and KimberleyAustralia