Barramundi Fishing

Diggers Rest Station is famous for its Barramundi fishing spots on the banks of the King River. A 1.2 metre long Barra was caught from one of our fresh water holes

Try your hand at fishing for Barramundi from the banks of the tidal King river. At Digger’s Rest Station you will find some of the best fishing spots and spectacular scenery to boot. Whether you are staying in our accommodation at the homestead or enjoying one of our secluded bush camping sites, the fishing opportunities are at your door step.

This intriguing fish can be found from Shark Bay across to Queensland, with the Kimberley right at the heart of Barramundi territory.  A big Barramundi can weigh in at up to 60 kgs and 1.8m in length. Any fish over 80 cm is a female and must be thrown back.  Any fish under 55 cm is under-sized and is also catch and release.  Please handle these fish to be released carefully.

We offer maps and helpful hints for self-guided fishing.  Bring your own fishing gear and we will point you in the right direction.

Information on fishing and regulations in the Kimberley can be found on the following links:

Barramundi fishing at Digger's Rest Station
Wobby, aka Paul, with a 95cm barramundi

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