Bird Watching

Digger’s Rest Station is an ideal destination for bird watching, with over 140 species sighted on and around the station.

Diggers Rest Station borders the tidal King River. There are numerous fresh waterholes nearby.  The homestead is located amongst golden spinifex ridges that give way to grassy open flats.  You can bird watch from the verandah of a bush hut, or wander down and bird watch along the salt arm of the King River, just a stone’s throw from the homestead.

Our habitats include rock escarpment, riverine, billagong and flood plain, and tidal mangrove. Species sighted include the Spinifex Pigeon, the White Quilled Rock Pigeon, the Red-Backed Fairy Wren and many of the finches – Masked, Long-Tailed, Star, Crimson, Zebra, Double Bar and Gouldian. Check out our Digger’s Rest bird list below for more details.

The time of year just after the Wet Season, generally April to May, provides excellent opportunities for bird watching, taking in many of the wetland birds of the region.  The months of September and October, leading into the ‘Build Up’ for the Wet Season, bring on a flurry of activity amongst many species, creating a bird watcher’s paradise.

Whether you are camping, staying in a bunkhouse room, or a bush hut on the ridge, you will awaken to the calls of the butcher bird, the corellas, and the trumpeting brolgas.  In the early evening, while sitting around the homestead campfire, you will be entertained by the kookaburras calling and the whistling ducks flying overhead.

Spinifex pigeons
Spinifex pigeons

Birds at Diggers Rest Station

Our Bird List at Diggers Rest (so far)

Brown quail

Wandering whistling-duck

Plumed whistling-duck

Magpie goose

Rajah duck

Hardhead duck

Green pygmy goose

Black duck

Pink-eared duck

Grey teal

Australasian grebe


Little black cormorant

Black-necked stork (Jabiru)


White-necked heron

White-faced heron

Pied heron

Cattle egret

Little egret

Great egret

Intermediate egret

Nankeen night heron

Striated heron

Straw necked ibis

Sacred ibis

Royal spoonbill

Black kite

Whistling kite

Black-breasted buzzard

Collared sparrowhawk

Brown goshawk

White-bellied sea eagle

Wedge-tailed eagle

Spotted harrier

Swamp harrier

Brown falcon

Hobby (little falcon)

Purple swamp hen

Black-tailed native hen


Bush stone curlew

Bar-tailed godwit

Black-tailed godwit


Common greenshank

Marsh sandpiper

Wood sandpiper

Common sandpiper

Red-necked stint

Long-toed stint

Sharp-tailed sandpiper

Pectoral sandpiper

Comb-crested jacana

Black-winged stilt

Red-capped plover

Red-kneed dotterel

Black-fronted dotterel

Masked lapwing

Australian pratincole

Silver gull

Whiskered tern

White-winged black tern

Gull-billed tern

Diamond dove

Peaceful dove

Bar-shouldered dove

Crested pigeon

Spinifex pigeon

White-quilled rock pigeon

Flock bronzewing

Red-tailed black cockatoo


Little corella

Sulphur-crested cockatoo

Rainbow lorikeet

Red-winged parrot

Pallid cuckoo

Brush cuckoo

Horsefield’s bronze cuckoo

Black-eared cuckoo


Pheasant coucal

Boobook owl

Tawny frogmouth

Blue-winged kookaburra
Sacred kingfisher

Red-backed kingfisher

Rainbow bee eater

Dollar bird

Red-backed fairy wren

Striated pardalote

Mangrove gerygone


Little friar bird

Silver-crowned friarbird

Blue-faced honeyeater

White-gaped honeyeater

Singing honeyeater

Yellow-tinted honeyeater

Black- chinned honeyeater

White-throated honeyeater

Bar-breasted honeyeater

Rufous-throated honeyeater

Banded honeyeater

Brown honeyeater

Lemon bellied flycatcher

Jacky winter

Grey-crowned babbler

Rufous whistler

Restless flycatcher

Willie wagtail

Rufous fantail

Northern fantail

Black-faced cuckoo-shrike

White-bellied cuckoo-shrike

White-winged triller

Olive-backed oriole

White-breasted woodswallow

Black-faced woodswallow

Pied butcherbird



Torresian crow

Great bowerbird

Richard’s pipit

Singing bushlark

Yellow wagtail

Double-barred finch

Masked finch

Long-tailed finch (blackheart)

Star finch

Crimson finch

Zebra finch

Mistletoe bird


Gouldian finch

Tree martin

Clamorous reed-warbler

Rufous songlark

Golden-headed cisticola

Yellow white-eye