Diggers Rest Royalty

This is our beloved Cat, which is short for Caterpillar because he would bulldoze his way through the thickest of scrub, and plow through creek crossings, always leading the way for the rest of the mob. Cat is now enjoying his twilight years in the home paddock, with daily nosebags and access to hay.

Back in May, we thought he had passed on to greener pastures. We had found his mate Nick with some of our other horses but Cat was nowhere to be seen. Two months later, Cat turned up at our mustering camp 35 kilometres from home! He was struggling out there on his own, but he willingly followed us back to the station when we brought the horses back from the mustering camp.  Once we had him here in the house paddocks, we were able to get some weight back on him, and he seems quite content now:)

He is one of those horses that truly stands out from the rest with his willingness, gentle nature, and intelligence.

Thanks for the photo, Sally Dowdell!