Diggers Rest horse trekking

Essentials for the saddle bag

Our saddles are fitted with pommel saddle bags, or ones that sit on the front of the saddle, making it easier to access while out on the trail. With the saddles bags up front, you can keep your eyes “on the road” and don’t have to worry about getting taken out by a branch (as…

Peter Letchford

The challenges of caring for horses in the Kimberley

The Kimberley is a region roughly the size of France, and there are very few large animal veterinarians based here. We are incredibly fortunate to have an excellent vet based in Kununurra, who also happens to be a pilot! Peter Letchford has decades of experience caring for horses in the Kimberley, and is very practical…

Diggers Rest Muster

Ever wanted to muster cattle on horseback?

We have just added another adventure to our 2019 schedule, the opportunity to join an authentic cattle muster! The annual muster takes place in June, when we bring in the cattle for processing, and then walk them back out to their grazing paddocks…mind you, some ‘paddocks’ are tens of thousands of acres. If you are…

early rise

The camping scene on our horse treks

Part of the unforgettable experience of horse trekking in the Kimberley is camping under the millions of stars, eating meals cooked over an open campfire, falling asleep in your swag with your horse close enough to hear him chewing away contentedly (though there’s plenty of space if you want to get away from their night…

Diggers Rest Horse Trekking

A snippet from our May trek of 2018

Here’s a look at our four day horse trek from last May. Images and video were taken by Ange Coote Photography, and compiled into this clip by Rachel Dillon. It really does give you a good gander into what our horse treks are all about. Spread the wordemailFacebookPinterestTumblrTwitter

Diggers Rest Station

A brief guide to horse riding ability levels

Riding ability is a somewhat relative rating, but it does help when matching horse to rider. The author Tom Cole, when asked if he could ride, would respond that he could ride a good, quiet horse. He was a horse breaker in the Kimberley and the Northern Territory back in the 1920s and 30s, but…

Diggers Rest Station

Fitness and riding go hand in hand

This post is more of a personal editorial but an important subject nonetheless. The older I get, the more I am aware of my fitness, and just how easily it can slip away. Working with horses and riding as often as I can remains at the top of my “what makes me happy” list. So,…

Who doesn't love a water crossing?

Portraits from our May Trek in 2018

Professional photographer and Diggers Rest devotee Ange Butler joined us on our May trek last season. She has quite an eye for portraits! We love when Ange and her husband Jake Butler (who happens to be a very talented portrait painter and photographer) join us on a trek or a muster, and leave us with…

Diggers Rest Station

The wet season has arrived!

We have been waiting for decent rains and they have finally arrived! The creeks and the King are running high, and the dams have had a good fill. Another bonus of the recent rain is that daily temps have dropped below forty degrees celcius. The sun is out today, and I think I can see…