Get Fit For Your Horse Riding Holiday

Are you planning to join one of our horse riding holidays this season? If so, make the most of your holiday, and arrive fit and ready for several hours in the saddle! Being physically fit and saddle fit will give you a more enjoyable time in the saddle, and out of it. There’s nothing worse than riding for hours with a sore bum or sore legs, so make sure your muscles are tuned up, and if you are not a regular rider these days, commit to several rides before your holiday with us. That extra effort will not only leave you feeling better in general, but will also remove the aches and pains that can come with not being properly prepared.

Walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, pilates, and of course riding, are all activities that will help to raise your level of fitness for your horse riding holiday. So, there’s still plenty of time to get fit for your horse riding holiday and join us for a truly unique experience in the Kimberley!