A Reading List for the Kimberley Bound

If you are thinking of heading to the Kimberley, you may be interested in checking out some of these books. The list includes travel writing, regional history, biographies, and one fiction. We’ve added a few to our list of our favourites:

The Boab Tree by Pat Lowe, a beautiful book about the science, history and stories of the unique boab tree.

100 Things to See In The Kimberley by Scotty Connell, a born and bred local guide who has explored the region by land, sea and air

The Great Australian Loneliness by Ernestine Hill, who travelled the outback on her own in the 1930s

The Territory by Ernestine Hill, a colourful history of Australia’s North

Hell, West and Crooked by Tom Cole, autobiography of a stockman in the early 1900s

Rivers of Home: Frank Lacy by Marion Nixon, biography of a Kimberley pioneer

Beyond the Big Run by Charlie Shulz, memoirs of station life in the mid 1900s

One Wet Season by Ion Idriess, life stories of Kimberley people in 1934

Over the Range by Ion Idriess, author’s memoirs from a year (1937) of accompanying the Northwest Mounted Police patrol

Wyndham Yella Fella by Reginald Birch, autobiography, author’s memoirs from growing up in the East Kimberley during the 1940s onwards.

Boundary Lines by Charlie McAdam, autobiography, author’s story during the time of the stolen generation

Jandamarra and the Bunuba resistance by Howard Pedersen, the story of the Aboriginal resistance fighter

Pioneers of the Kimberley, the Maggie Lilly Story by Anne Marie Ingham, biography of a Kimberley pioneer in the East Kimberley

Nothing Prepared Me by Edna Quilty, autobiography of a woman’s life on remote Lansdowne Station

Kings in Grass Castles by Mary Durack, the story of the Durack family and their cattle drive north from Goulburn, NSW
Dirt Music by Tim Winton, contemporary fiction that takes place in part in the West Kimberley