Spread Your Wings In The Kimberley This Winter

On The Verandah, Kimberley creative adventures run by Rachel Dillon and Andrew Kikeros, is offering an untutored Artist Retreat here at Digger’s Rest Station!

This untutored retreat for artists, writers, photographers, birders, and any creative soul, runs July 23 to July 29, 2020.  The retreat features hand-picked experiences, tourist-free locations and uninterrupted time to spend in the Bush Studio space we’ve created for artists and creatives. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go completely “off grid” with your creative pursuits. Click to view the itinerary.

They’re pretty friendly at On The Verandah! And as Andrew always says, “no such thing as a silly question!”  So send them your questions, or give them a call – the number is 0428254529 – they love your questions! Especially if it means you can tackle that thing you have always wanted to do!

Just the right amounts of comfort mixed with the rustic, made to feel special and welcomed against a background of rural working life.
​A very unique experience!  –  Amanda & Justin Hocking, 2017