Spread Your Wings In The Kimberley This Winter

Kimberley landscapes

On The Verandah, Kimberley creative adventures run by Rachel Dillon and Andrew Kikeros, is offering an untutored Artist Retreat here at Digger’s Rest Station! This untutored retreat for artists, writers, photographers, birders, and any creative soul, runs July 23 to July 29, 2020.  The retreat features hand-picked experiences, tourist-free locations and uninterrupted time to spend…

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The Kimberley is for bird lovers!

birding in the East Kimberley

We have the good fortune of living in a part of the world where birds abound, so bird watching is a part of life here. I am no ornithological expert but I do love waking to bird calls, observing them through out the day, and being entertained by their antics. These photos have been taken…

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This hot weather is for the birds!

There aren’t many positives in a day of 45C degrees. It truly is for the birds! We have seen quite a variety around the bird bath and the dogs’ water container, including friar birds, restless flycatchers, blue-faced honeyeaters, peaceful doves, great bower birds, magpie-larks, pied butcher birds, little corellas, and of course the underrated Torresian…

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Birds around Diggers

We have come across pelicans in the hundreds out this way. They seem to be enjoying their tucker, and there must be plenty of it! It’s such an amazing sight to see a sky full of these regal birds.  

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