This hot weather is for the birds!

There aren’t many positives in a day of 45C degrees. It truly is for the birds! We have seen quite a variety around the bird bath and the dogs’ water container, including friar birds, restless flycatchers, blue-faced honeyeaters, peaceful doves, great bower birds, magpie-larks, pied butcher birds, little corellas, and of course the underrated Torresian crow, just to name a few. The upside of this heat is that as bird lovers we are enjoying their frequent visits, and keeping the water topped up for them!

In writing this post, I also learned about the origin of “for the birds”…. and it has to do with horse manure! In the days of horse drawn carriages, the manure was forever being sifted through by the birds. That still happens in this day and age here at Diggers, quite an apropos saying for the time and the place:)