A Lifelong Education

One of the many reasons that life with horses never becomes tiresome is there’s always so much more to learn.

I’ve had very little instruction or formal training as a rider, with my learning mostly coming from observation and reading. However, I recently had the opportunity to participate in a week of horsemanship at McGinnis Meadows Ranch in Montana, where their emphasis is on Buck Brannaman horsemanship. It was such a fantastic experience, to be able to focus solely on my own riding for several days, with incredibly well-trained horses, and in a style that I respect and that makes sense…and one that offers a never ending scope for improvement!  I am hoping I can retain much of what I learned, and build on that until my next opportunity to head back to McGinnis Meadows:)  The benefits of this experience in Montana have far outweighed the effort and expense it took to get there from the Kimberley!