Insurance Crisis for Adventure Tourism Operators

Adventure tourism operators are at a crossroads with the insurance industry, with insurance companies refusing to insure for adventure activities (horse riding included). Many businesses have already been forced to close due to this crisis. We are working on options, and have a definite plan B in place which should still allow us to operate our horse riding business, once Covid restrictions have eased. Tourism WA has launched a campaign ‘Adventure Awaits‘, so we are hopeful there will continue to be support and lobbying for adventure tourism operators such as ourselves.

We just wanted to give you an idea of where we stand at the moment:) We haven’t been able to operate this year due to all of the Covid related restrictions, and at the same time, our Public Liability for horse riding has come under threat. Having said all that, we are looking forward to offering horse riding holidays in 2021, operating under the new normal of a covid world!

We will certainly be keeping everyone up to date with our situation, from insurance to the daily goings on out here this year:)