Diggers Rest Station horse treks

Diggers Rest Horses|Cobber

This lovely young gelding has joined the ranks of trekking horses this season! He also happens to be one fantastic mustering horse. He is friendly, loves a scratch, and is quite willing to do whatever the rider asks of him. Roderick named him well:) Spread the wordemailFacebookPinterestTumblrTwitter

Who doesn't love a water crossing?

2019 Horse Trekking Dates!

Put these dates in your diary and stay tuned!   2019 Schedule   May 23-26                  4 days June 2-8                      7 days July 13-19                    7 days July 29-Aug 4            7 days August 20-24             5 days Spread the wordemailFacebookPinterestTumblrTwitter

Diggers Rest Station

Diggers Cattle

We are having a good start to the muster this year. Our coachers have quietened down the wilder ones, and the weaners are like dairy cattle now:) Spread the wordemailFacebookPinterestTumblrTwitter

Diggers Rest Station

Upcoming Horse Riding Adventures at Diggers

We still have two adventures with saddles open in 2018! During the month of August, we are offering a couple of horse riding weeks, the first one being based here at the station, and the second one heading out for a few days of camping. August 14-20, Women’s Kimberley Horse Riding Adventure , hosted by us and…

Birds around Diggers


We have come across pelicans in the hundreds out this way. They seem to be enjoying their tucker, and there must be plenty of it! It’s such an amazing sight to see a sky full of these regal birds.   Spread the wordemailFacebookPinterestTumblrTwitter

Diggers Rest Horses

Diggers Rest Horses|Annie

Annie is no spring chicken, but she is getting another chance to be a working horse, thanks to the efforts of Tash. On any given day at sunrise, you will likely see the these two characters out training in the paddocks. Tash, who comes from Wales, is here helping us out with our horses, and…


Photography Workshop|On The Verandah

We are looking forward to hosting a week of photography here at Digger’s, with several guests arriving this afternoon! Rachel Dillon and Andrew Kikeros from On The Verandah have been organising these adventures for four years now, with professional photographer Bewley Shaylor sharing his knowledge, advice, and enthusiasm for the art form. Keep an eye…

Diggers Rest Birds

Birds around Diggers

The birds have been loving the warm weather, and though it is starting to “cool” off a bit, we still have quite a variety just around the homestead. The blue-faced honeyeaters, double bar finches, happy jacks, aka silver crowned bablers, bower birds and of course the ever present little blue corellas have all made themselves…

Diggers Rest Station

Diggers Rest Workers| Daisy

This ancient but very useful grader came to us from the old gold mine in Pine Creek, NT. Daisy arrived a few days ago, so between the weekend footie and the grader, Roderick has been very busy:) This might be Roderick’s favourite steed for a while. Having a grader on the property is already making…