Fitness and riding go hand in hand

This post is more of a personal editorial but an important subject nonetheless. The older I get, the more I am aware of my fitness, and just how easily it can slip away. Working with horses and riding as often as I can remains at the top of my “what makes me happy” list. So, for me to be doing what I truly love, I need to maintain a certain level of fitness.

During the dry season, I spend that many hours in the saddle that I really only need to make sure I stretch on a regular basis. Between the riding and the general running of the place (and it is akin to running much of the time!) I manage to maintain a fairly good level of fitness. The wet season is another story….

During the wet, which can be anytime from December through March, the horses are turned out for a good long spell. So I need to make sure I keep myself riding fit even when I am not actually riding. The dogs make it a bit easier, since they demand a good long walk every morning. Gardening helps with the upper body strength. However, I do have to make time for strengthening exercises, especially the legs! I also do a good bit of stretching which really really helps (a form of yin yoga, a very basic form since I am far from limber!). It’s a commitment but it gets me where I want to be when the time comes to swing back on.

I am not one to make new years resolutions, but it is a good time to look at what we aim to achieve in the months ahead!

Happy trails,


Diggers Rest Station

Walking the dogs