Diggers Rest Station 5 Day Muster

Date: June 12-16, 2019

Days: 5

Saddles Open:1


We are now offering a five day muster session in mid June of 2019. This is an authentic cattle muster so there are some early starts and a few long days in the saddle.

Our cattle muster varies from day to day. However, a typical day would be an early rise, breakfast, saddle up and ride out to the area being mustered that day. We either take a small mob of coacher cattle with us, or we muster them up as we ride along. These quiet cattle are held by the riders while other riders run cattle into the coacher mob, some days with the aid of helicopter and bull buggy. Riders then walk the cattle back to the yards where they are processed (branded, ear marked, castrated, drenched, etc). When that’s said and done we walk them back out again. Some days we are based here at the station and some days/nights we are camping out in swags. There is a weight limit of 90kg for the muster. Guests are spaced out between experienced stockmen, but must be experienced riders.


Horses in the yards at Diggers Rest Station
Early morning in the horse yards
Mustering on Digger's Rest Station
Walking cattle back to the Diggers yards
Annual Stock Muster at Diggers Rest
Annual Stock Muster at Diggers Rest
Diggers Rest cattle muster
Cattle muster