7 Day King River Valley

Date: May 31-June 6, 2020

Days: 7 (5 riding days)

Saddles Open: full


This five day horse trek will take riders through a variety of landscapes, with the view of the Cockburn Ranges to be enjoyed every day of riding. Hope you can join us!

Day One

We pick up guests from Kununurra (either at accommodations or airport) around noon. After meeting and visiting over lunch at one of Kununurra's cafes, we head out to Diggers, in time to watch the sun set over the Cockburn Ranges.

Day Two

We spend the first morning getting to know the horses, and then riding out along the tidal billabongs to the north of the station…wide open spaces that will take your breath away!

Day Three

Riders saddle up and head out of Digger’s, passing boab trees, gilgais (small waterholes in open country), through ti tree country and on to Duck Hole for mid day break.  The afternoon ride takes us up Cockburn Creek to a camp by a beautiful waterhole, with magnificent up close views of the Cockburn Ranges.

Day Four

A day for exploring, we head up Cockburn Creek towards the saddle between the North Cockburn and South Cockburn Ranges, keeping our eyes out for brumbies in this little valley.  We return to our camp on Cockburn creek in time to wash and settle the horses, and then ourselves.

Day Five

Swinging away from this creek system, we find our way over rises, and make a line for the mouth of the Maze, a gap in the South Cockburn Ranges.  We’ll enjoy our pack lunch by a magical waterhole at the base of the Cockburns.   Our afternoon ride heads up through ti tree country and over towards the King River, for night camp by the New Yard Waterhole.

Day Six

We wind along creek beds, over open rises with magnificent views, and pick up a brumby pad that takes us back to Duck Hole for another relaxing lunch camp.  The afternoon ride swings by the Boab Prison Tree, along the banks of the King River, and back into the home paddock, to the welcome view of the station.

Day Seven

After a leisurely breakfast on the homestead verandah, riders say good bye to their equine mates, and we load up for the trip back to Kununurra, arriving by 10am.

Morning on Cockburn Creek
Morning on Cockburn Creek
Up Cockburn Creek
Up Cockburn Creek
waterhole on Cockburn Creek
waterhole on Cockburn Creek