A Week of Station Based Horse Riding

Date: May 13-19, 2022

Days: 7 days (5 riding days)

Saddles Open: 3

Date: May 23-29, 2022

Days: 7 days (5 riding days)

Saddles Open: 8

Date: July 8-14, 2022 

Days: 7 days (5 riding days)

Saddles Open: full

Date: July 20-26, 2022

Days: 7 days (5 riding days)

Saddles Open: 3

Date: August 15-21, 2022

Days: 7 days (5 riding days)

Saddles Open: 8

Date: August 25-31, 2022

Days: 7 days (5 riding days)

Saddles Open: 7


This seven day horse riding holiday will take riders through a variety of landscapes, with the view of the Cockburn Ranges to be enjoyed every day of riding. Hope you can join us!

Day One

Guests are picked up in Kununurra by mid day (either at accommodation or at the airport). We'll have a chance to meet and visit over lunch, and then make our way up to the Five Rivers Lookout (possibly the best view in all of northern Australia), and on out to Diggers Rest Station in time to settle in and enjoy the sunset!

Day Two

We spend the first morning getting to know the horses, having a ride around the house paddocks (thousand acre paddocks), and back to the station for lunch. In the afternoon we head out to ride along the salt arm of the King River, watching the colours come to life and the Erskine Ranges light up from the setting sun.

Day Three

Riders saddle up and head out of Digger’s, passing ancient boab trees, gilgais (small waterholes in open country), through ti tree country and on to a pristine waterhole on Cockburn Creek in time for our mid day break. The afternoon ride takes us by the infamous Boab Prison Tree, along the banks of the tidal King River and back to Diggers.

Day Four

This morning finds us out along the tidal billabongs to the north of the station…wide open spaces that will take your breath away! We break for lunch at Leak Hill, where there's a small spring, a trough for the horses, and a panoramic view of the Cockburn Ranges. Many an opportunity for a canter awaits us (with the option to hang back at a trot too).

Day Five

We make our way along a spring fed creek system up towards Slatey Gorge in the  Cockburn Ranges, all the while taking in the magnificent sandstone escarpments. On our return, we come back by a beautiful dam, safe for a swim if time allows, and a fantastic spot to take in the views of the King River Valley.

Day Six

We ride out to the edge of the marsh today, where Slatey Creek comes out of the the rocky ridges and on to the flats. This creek, which has a powerful flow during the wet, is a series of waterholes during the dry season, much to the enjoyment of hundreds of birds!

Day Seven

Time to say good bye to your faithful steed. After a leisurely breakfast, we grab the bags and make the two hour journey back to Kununurra.

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Sunset Ride
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