Diggers Rest Family|Remembering Helen

It is rare to have a friend who understands and accepts all of who you are. Helen Packer was that friend to both Roderick and me. Her qualities of acceptance and understanding also made her an excellent horsewoman. We first met Helen when she came on a trek with us in 2006. Ever since, Helen would make her way up to Diggers during the dry season and get her fix of red dirt and that Kimberley magic. Even after her stroke a few years ago, she was up here riding again. Once she was on the horse there was no stopping her. Helen brightened, enlightened and enhanced our lives over the years, for which we are forever grateful. Her love of life is an inspiration to me still.

Roderick and I like to think that she is up here flying around with her galahs, Larry, Curly and Mo, who we still see from time to time:)

Helen and her circus