Upcoming Horse Riding Adventures at Diggers

We still have two adventures with saddles open in 2018! During the month of August, we are offering a couple of horse riding weeks, the first one being based here at the station, and the second one heading out for a few days of camping.

August 14-20, Women’s Kimberley Horse Riding Adventure , hosted by us and by OnTheVerandah horse lovers Rachel Dillon and Andrew Kikeros, will be a week of soaking up the spectacular landscape around Digger’s Rest… by horseback, by foot and by 4WD.  There are no pressing schedules, just time out here at the station, enjoying the outback and having a look around…and a comfortable bed calling you every night.

August 25-31, Seven Day Diggers Rest, King River and Spring Country , will be seven days of horse trekking, starting from the station and riding south down the King River Valley to some beautiful spring country. This week is about being with horses; riding, camping with them, and watching them enjoy a good feed at the end of the day. We average five to six hours a day in the saddle…with a comfortable swag calling you every night:)

We hope you can join us!