Essentials for the saddle bag

Our saddles are fitted with pommel saddle bags, or ones that sit on the front of the saddle, making it easier to access while out on the trail. With the saddles bags up front, you can keep your eyes “on the road” and don’t have to worry about getting taken out by a branch (as you would if you were digging through a cantle, or rear, saddle bag).  We do use the cantle saddle bags on occasion but only to store items not needed during riding.

Our saddle bags can hold a couple of water bottles, sunscreen, a small camera, snacks, and a few other bits and pieces.

When riding out for the day, or several, I carry a first aid kit, duct tape, bailing twine, leatherman, sat phone and an eperb.  I can also manage to get two water bottles, fruit, and a sandwich in there. Our uhf radios slide into comfortable shoulder harnesses, and I have a handy mobile phone pouch that straps on to my thigh.