The challenges of caring for horses in the Kimberley

The Kimberley is a region roughly the size of France, and there are very few large animal veterinarians based here. We are incredibly fortunate to have an excellent vet based in Kununurra, who also happens to be a pilot! Peter Letchford has decades of experience caring for horses in the Kimberley, and is very practical in his advice and treatments.

Unfortunately, our most common reason to have the vet visit is to perform surgery to remove swamp cancers, which actually isn’t a cancer but a fungus (Phycomycosis). We seem to have a few of these every wet season, usually towards the end, however, we have already had one cut out of a gelding’s belly just last week.  Our vet also makes trips out to perform geldings,  and remove cancerous growths, among other procedures.

We are able to look after many treatments, injuries and illnesses ourselves, but it is very reassuring to have Peter Letchford just a hop, step and jump away!