Out and about in Wyndham

If you are heading to the East Kimberley, and Digger’s Rest Station, a visit to our closest town is well worth your time.

Wyndham is a sleepy little town with loads of history and some spectacular views. From Five Rivers Lookout you can take in the expanse of the Cambridge Gulf and it’s sprawling tidal flats. The King, Pentecost, Durack, Forrest and Ord Rivers all feed into the Cambridge. For a few minutes’ drive, it is a breathtaking display of landscape.

Directly below the lookout is the oldest part of town, the port area. Head back down the hill and check out the recreational jetty, the Wyndham Historical Society, Pixie’s nick nack shop and the coffee and meals at The Rusty Shed Cafe! There’s also the Pioneer Cemetery on the way to the port.

The Three Mile is the main part of Wyndham these days, including all of the basic services of fuel, groceries, bottle shop, Thorley’s general store, a newly opened bakery, and a massive crocodile sculpture as you come into the town.

Though she’s a small town, Wyndham is most definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in outback history and a town with some character.