Station Base Horse Riding

Though we have been taking out rides from here at the station since 1986, we will be offering a few scheduled weeks of Station Based Horse Riding next season! Guests can enjoy the experience of the Outback on horseback, and still come back to the creature comforts of the homestead accommodation every evening.

From Diggers, the possibilities for exploring on horseback are numerous. The King River Valley to the south of us provides a rolling landscape with creek systems, wide river beds, and open sandy flats for those times when we want to move along at a canter.  The marsh country to the north and northwest offers wide open expanses, good for a stroll or a lope, and a wander amongst our cattle herd.

The dates are August 1-7 and August 17-23, however, if these dates don’t suit, let us know and we may be able to offer you another time for riding with us!