The clouds have arrived|weather in the Kimberley

Just waiting on the rain now! There was recorded rainfall in our area yesterday, with a spectacular lightening show to the west, and the clouds are building up again this afternoon. We have had a long, long dry spell, so would very much welcome some precipitation about now.

Located in the Australian tropics,we experience extremes in weather, from the hot and humid wet season (December through March/April) to the balmy, relatively cool dry season (May/June through August).  We are in the most trying time of year now, the Build Up, with very little surface water left for wildlife or stock, and hot and humid days and nights to challenge us. It’s this time of year when I remind myself we have the privilege of living in an incredibly beautiful yet sparsely populated region, thanks in part to the Build Up (I reckon it keeps the lure to living here year round down for many).

A definite upside to this time of year is the active bird life. We have quite a show every morning at the watering point by our homestead! The double bar finches, zebra finches, numerous honey-eaters (just to name a few) are coming in by the dozens….still keeping our eyes out for a gouldian finch:)

We find enjoyment and beauty no matter how challenging the weather!

what a transformation the rain brings (dry season photo by Georgina Mann)